Seeking CTO for successful Fitness/Health Facebook App

located in Aarhus, Denmark • Listed on Jul 3, 2012 9:02 AM -0400

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Legitimate startup or product concept pitches only.
Recruiting for open positions is NOT ok.
Aarhus, Denmark
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Programming Languages
Java, Javascript, Mongo, Velocity
Facebook, Windows, UNIX/Linux
Data Mining, Algorithms
Industry Experience
Social Media, Real-Time, Social Gaming, Mobile

Short Answer Questions

Describe something you have built recently.

Our service Activities on Facebook collects GPS data from a number of sources (nike, runkeeper, endomondo, etc) and builds a unified "activity feed" on Facebook that contain activities from all of the user's friends on all of the various platforms. Our database has several million tracks, primarily in California and Northern Europe, we analyze and cluster track data and can for instance list the most popular running trails in an arbitrary map rect.

We have close ties to Silicon Valley and are talking to several of the larger players in fitness and corporate health services. We are excellently positioned to establish partnerships and scale fast to hundreds of thousands of users. 

Our product is built in Java with Velocity templates and client side JavaScript. Our GPS data is stored in a Mongo DB, and we are currently live with a couple of thousand users on a single AWS instance.

Why do you want to work on a startup or side project?

We are worried that our current setup might not scale to match the targets set in our partnership agreements, so we are looking for a wizard who can lead the technical development and ensure that our business can continue to grow unhindered.

The ideal candidate has built web services with millions of users, and isn't afraid to take ownership of our codebase, design a way forward, and implement the necessary changes.

We are used to working remotely, so your location is less important.

Would you like the chance to join a startup with a functioning product, a real userbase and big partners? If you are the one we have been looking for, we offer equity on par with the existing founders!

Anything else you'd like to mention about yourself?

Check out the service here:

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